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Addressing the root causes of symptoms through a series of consultations. A bespoke programme for your midlife health. Gradually introducing new health habits, supportive foods and lifestyle practices.

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I work with clients over a 12-week period. It takes time to get to the root cause of symptoms and to develop new health habits. I design a bespoke Midlife Reset Programme for you, adding in foods to support your health, to create a truly sustainable way of eating, with foods you love. We’ll also look at lifestyle – stress, sleep, exercise and environment – to identify areas needing support. I use functional testing where appropriate for additional information about your health and nutrient status and I incorporate health coaching techniques to motivate and support you during the programme and beyond.

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Midlife Reset Programme

A 1:1 midlife MOT designed to tackle your symptoms, address the barriers to you feeling your best and lay foundations for your health going forwards. A programme for women who want to hit the ground running in midlife through to those requiring support for specific symptoms or existing conditions. This programme is for you if you need support with:

  • Regaining your energy, unravelling chronic fatigue

  • Shifting stubborn weight gain

  • The elusive good night’s sleep through to insomnia

  • Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, angry

  • A hormonal rollercoaster

  • Clarity: supporting brain fog, poor memory, lack of concentration

  • Digestive and gut support for problems such as bloating, indigestion, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence

  • Addressing skin concerns from breakouts to dry, itchy skin through to specific skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, acne

  • Eliminating cravings throughout the day

  • Preparing for perimenopause, menopause and beyond

Programme Summary

  • Health and lifestyle assessment including medical and family history and food diary review.
  • A bespoke midlife nutrition and lifestyle programme to address your current symptoms and health goals
  •  Health coaching to support new diet and lifestyle habits and create sustainable change.
  • Testing recommendations and interpretation, and supplement recommendations where required.
  • Initial consultation of 90 minutes, follow-up consultations are 45 minutes.
  • Three levels of support available depending on your health condition, goals and the level of accountability you require: weekly, bimonthly and monthly consultations over a 12 week period.
  • All consultations are via zoom.
  • I work with your GP and can liaise with other medical practitioners who may be involved in your health where relevant. Referrals to other practitioners if required.
  • From £360 for a 12 week programme
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What to Expect

Getting Started

All programmes start with a discovery call: an opportunity to discuss your health concerns and find out how nutritional therapy could help. On booking the programme, I will ask you to fill in a detailed health questionnaire and 3-day food diary to find out all about you, your health history and current symptoms.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will last for 90 minutes and is a deep-dive into your current health status and concerns, your medical and family history, and your dietary and lifestyle habits. I will then devise an initial personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to support your midlife health. This will include diet and lifestyle recommendations, and testing and supplement recommendations if required.


Where appropriate, I may recommend laboratory testing to establish baseline biochemistry and underlying imbalances to help inform our direction. Some tests can be carried out via your GP, and this would be my first port of call. Functional testing, via a range of laboratories, is an additional cost. Some of the tests I regularly use in my practice include hormone testing (Dutch, thyroid function and adrenal stress testing); comprehensive stool analysis; metabolic, food sensitivity, organic acids and genetic testing.

Follow-up Consultations

Last 45 minutes and include progress discussion, your programme review, further recommendations and health coaching and mindset work. Follow ups can be monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly depending on the level of support required. This can be discussed in our discovery call to ensure you get the framework you need to improve your health.

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Discovery Call

A complimentary discovery call to discuss your health and lifestyle concerns and goals. This 30 minute, no-obligation zoom session provides the opportunity for me to find out more about you and the support you’re looking for. We can discuss my approach and which programme would best suit your health goals. Do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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